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The American Society of Cinematographers has selected Angelina Jolie as the recipient of its 2018 ASC Board of Governors Award.
The presentation will be made at the 32nd annual ASC Awards for Outstanding Achievement on Feb. 17 at Hollywood & Highland’s Ray Dolby Ballroom.
The ASC Board of Governors Award is given to individuals in the industry whose body of work has made “significant and indelible contributions to cinema.” It is the only ASC Award not given to a cinematographer, and is reserved for filmmakers who have been champions for directors of photography and the visual art form.
Angelina Jolie sets a high standard,” ASC president Kees van Oostrum said. “She is a true artist, with a strong vision and collaborative spirit. She has also entertained us through her work, but more importantly has brought significant social issues to our attention. For her wide-ranging accomplishments, we are honored to present her with our Board of Governors Award.”
Previous recipients of the ASC Board of Governors Award include Ridley Scott, Barbra Streisand, Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, Christopher Nolan, Warren Beatty, Francis Ford Coppola, Sally Field, Morgan Freeman, Ron Howard, Sydney Pollack, Martin Scorsese, and Steven Spielberg.

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Richie : Jan. 7 Golden Globes with Angelina, Jan. 6 Haiti Gala with Brad.

They sent an unmissable and unequivocal message:
- With his chief personal bodyguard acting as Angelina's close in security in two very high profile events, Brad is broadcasting that she is his.  She belongs to him. He is possessive and protective of her. Her well-being and security are as valuable to him as his own. He loves her dearly.
- Angelina places her trust in Brad. She is content with him looking after her and seeing to her safety. She is happy to be the object of his affection and she is basking in his love. He is her big love.
- Mr. Brad Pitt and Mrs. Angelina Jolie-Pitt are as happy and as in love with each other as they’ve ever been -- if not more.
They've weathered a huge storm together. They've made their family stronger and closer. They are partners for life.

Richie has appeared with her in the biggest awards shows she's attended this year.

Their relationship is the same as it was in 2015 when Richie accompanied her to the Critics Choice Awards for Unbroken -- right down to Brad's possessiveness.  The problem was never between them but between Brad and the children.

Critics Choice Awards 2018, left and 2015, right 

They are moving closer to having their full normal lives back. They hinted as much in the quotes they gave People in late December:
She is doing fine and working with Brad on ways to continue their lives so everyone is happy. The process has been difficult (for him). But he is OK and remains committed to his family."
We can see the return of familiar routines and everyone is visibly happy.

Happy, relaxed and confident enough to reveal more to the public. 

Richie fetched her from the airport when she returned from London last March 2017, but it had been months since he was last seen with her before the Globes. She skipped the red carpets at the AMPAS Governors' Awards in mid-November and THR's Women in Entertainment Breakfast in early December so we don't have any shots of her entering the venues. But there was no sign of Richie in the audience photos at either event or at the earlier Hollywood Film Awards.  Now, however, his looming presence is impossible to miss.

Laura Wasser noted in November 2016 that the therapeutic and reunification process between Brad and the children was estimated to take six months to a year.  Brad's abortive attempts to force his way against the therapists' recommendations likely had far ranging consequences that lengthened the process.  They are all eager to emerge from this and they are letting the public know they believe they are close.  Much closer than where they were even just last month.

They no longer employ the publicists they hired right after the "emergency" so their authorized reps are principally Cynthia Pett-Dante and Robert Offer, both of whom are largely inaccessible to tabloids.  Outside of a few rare instances, they've totally shut down contact with all tabloid sites -- as evidenced by ET's unsuccessful effort to obtain from them the facts behind Shiloh's injury.

They've always had a good relationship with Jack Coyle of the AP but their story cannot fit into an AP report. They've had a long relationship with Mary Green, but People is a tabloid and as such is only suitable for sharing family photos.

An Op-Ed in the NY Times conveys the seriousness of their story and is the only way they can ensure that it is presented accurately in its entirety.  It allows them to explain the very sensitive and very complex situation they faced, the decisions and actions they made. and what was really happening behind the scenes. It would typically include an encouraging message for other families faced with similar problems, that they too can emerge successful.

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Mel's Drive-in, MLK day, Jan. 15.

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Now would be a good time for them to take a short break.

-- From the director of The Florida Project -- and Brooklynn Prince.  It appears he just watched FTKMF.   He and Angelina were on the LA Times' directors roundtable in November.  There were only seven of them in the Roundtable, yet it appears it took him two months to get around to watching the film.

This illustrates FTKMF's Awards season problem: not enough people may have seen the film in time. For various reasons -- including perhaps the subject matter -- it wasn't high on their must-watch list.

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Critics Choice Awards

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agent, Rich Klubeck


The fact that there was a specific name may have spurred them to issue a denial.  They did the same when Brad was linked with Jennifer Lawrence.  This time though, more likely read the denial than the initial rumors  They used the opportunity to shut down the possibility of future rumors after speculation over her Globes photo with Chris Hemsworth. 

Angelina Jolie is single and not interested in dating, a source tells PEOPLE.
“She isn’t dating anyone and won’t be for a very long time. She is focused on her children and their needs,” the source says.
Recent rumors linked Jolie to Cambodian lyricist and filmmaker PraCh Ly, but the source tells PEOPLE that the rapper “is a friend.” “She respects his work,” the source adds.

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- Getting a BAFTA nod is huge FTKMF may have difficulty prevailing over The Handmaiden or Elle but the nomination alone should be a source of great pride for everyone.  It is Netflix's first at BAFTA for a feature film.

- People corrected ET's earlier report that Shiloh sustained a broken collarbone:  "PEOPLE confirmed Shiloh, 11, had broken her arm while snowboarding."  And backed it up with a quote from an "insider" that “Mom was very grateful to the team who helped her.”  There was no mention of what ski resort they were vacationing in so that piece of information was apparently not provided to them, which hints that it was not Lake Tahoe as ET claimed.

In addition to reporting the wrong injury, ET did not have the detail on how it was sustained although it claimed it happened in Lake Tahoe.   It reported on the paparazzi photos that "Shiloh was spotted in Los Feliz, California, with her left arm in a sling. She was accompanied by her brother, Knox, as the two stepped out for a casual day of shopping."  It added: "ET has reached out to Jolie’s rep for comment." -- but none was provided to them.  It appears ET had no real info and no access.

At this time, they are apparently giving only People limited access.  It's a different ballgame now that they have terminated the services of their temporary publicists.

Brad would have been the only one up the mountain snowboarding with Shiloh and the boys since Angelina did not look confident on skis -- and has likely not tried snowboarding.  She and the rest of the kids would have stayed on the easier beginner and intermediate slopes.

- The big, burly bodyguard who appears when they have events in NY served as her security at the NBR Gala.  It will be interesting to see who accompanies her to the Critics Choice Awards held in Santa Monica.

The fact that they have one team is proof, in and of itself, that they were never really estranged.  A couple that has separated would each want their own respective teams that are completely under their control and that they can confidently rely on with undivided and unquestioned loyalty.  Angelina and Brad have one team -- and as noted in Laura Wasser's email from over a year ago, have always had one team -- because they are and have always been a couple since they first came together.

Richie has been described as the head of their security team and he certainly looks to be the oldest among them.

Richie is fiercely loyal to Brad to whom he owes the house he is living in and his loyalty to Angelina flows through Brad.  Richie was hovering over Angelina because looking after her is part of his job -- because she is Brad's life partner.  Angelina knows that Richie will protect her as well as he protects Brad because she is as important and as valuable to Brad as she has always been, if not more. 

There is no one on their team more intimately associated with Brad.  And they wanted him to accompany her.

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The 2018 BAFTA nominations have been announced, and Netflix has nabbed three BAFTA nominations – its biggest haul yet.

The streaming giant, which won Best Documentary last year for Ava Duvernay’s 13th, was nominated for the first time back in 2016 for Idris Elba’s performance in Beasts of No Nation. Now, it’s trebled its number of nods, following last year’s decision by BAFTA to consider streaming-only titles alongside theatrical releases.

Netflix’s Icarus is competing for Best Documentary, alongside An Inconvenient Sequel, Jane, I Am Not Your Negro and City of Ghosts. Angelina Jolie’s Netflix film First They Killed My Father is also nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, where it will compete with Elle, Loveless and The Salesman and The Handmaiden. It’s a reminder of how important streaming services can be for both documentaries and world cinema, with Amazon Studios acquiring The Salesman and The Handmaiden, and Syrian documentary City of Ghosts getting a day-and-date digital release.

Netflix’s final nomination is for Kingdom of Us, Lucy Cohen’s intimate and powerful documentary about a West Midlands family. The directorial debut of the filmmaker and made with the support of the BFI and Creative England, it demonstrates the role Netflix can play in spotlighting British talent. Indeed, digital platforms remain a key part of getting UK indie films in front of audiences in a challenging environment, with The Ghoul also nominated for Outstanding British Debut, alongside I Am Not a Witch (both released day-and-date), Lady Macbeth and Jawbone.

Netflix’s British nomination occurs in a year when the BAFTA nominations feel more patriotic than most: while Brexit means Brexit, BAFTA often doesn’t mean British, with the Academy’s voters tending to vote for US projects over celebrating UK talent. The creation of an Outstanding British Film category is in recognition of that oversight in the Best Film race. And so, while Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water leads the pack with 12 nominations, it’s helped by a superb Sally Hawkins, who’s up for Best Actress, and is going up against Call Me By Your Name, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – nine nominations and directed by our own Martin McDonagh – Winston Churchill drama Darkest Hour and Christopher Nolan’s bold war film, Dunkirk.
Dunkirk is in joint second place with eight nominations, ahead of I, Tonya (five), Call Me By Your Name and Phantom Thread (four) and Lady Bird, which has three nominations, alongside Paddington 2 and Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool.

There are snubs, as always, such as The Levelling – overshadowed, perhaps, by God’s Own Country – while Lady Macbeth deserves to be up for more than just Outstanding British Film and Outstanding Debut. Greta Gerwig and Jordan Peele both should have earned a place on the Best Director list (as well as I Am Not a Watch, The Beguiled, Beach Rats or Raw), while Paddy Considine’s Journeyman should have received a nod for its towering lead performances. Other British indie titles, such as Daphne, Dark River, Their Finest, Breathe and Jawbone, are also sidelined by American projects. Netflix’s most likely award contender, Mudbound, meanwhile, was snubbed altogether, despite a limited UK theatrical release.

But this is a year where Kristin Scott Thomas, Daniel Kaluuya, Josh O’Connor and Florence Pugh are nominated, where Simon Farnaby and Paul King’s remarkable Paddington 2 screenplay is honoured (the film deserved a Best Film / Best British Film nod too), where Saoirse Ronan is celebrated, where Jamie Bell is justly remembered for Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool, and where Hugh Grant is nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a family film about a CGI bear. All that and a small British Netflix documentary and this is arguably the best crop of BAFTA nominations in recent years.

The EE British Academy Film Awards take place on Sunday 18th February at the Royal Albert Hall, London. The ceremony will be hosted by Joanna Lumley. Read on for the full list of nominees, plus where you can watch them online in the UK:

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NBR Gala at Cipriani 42nd St in NY, Jan. 9

Meryl Streep


Angelina Jolie was beaming Tuesday night as she attended a gala in New York City accompanied by her daughters Shiloh and Zahara Jolie-Pitt.
The Oscar winner, 42, made an appearance at The National Board of Review Awards Gala with her kids after PEOPLE confirmed Shiloh, 11, had broken her arm while snowboarding. Shiloh wore a black sling over a black suit as she held her mother’s hand with her good arm.
The 11-year-old did not seem fazed by her injury, which occurred over the holidays on a family vacation to to the mountains. The fourth child of Jolie and Brad Pitt “is fine,” a source told PEOPLE.
“Mom was very grateful to the team who helped her,” the insider added.


Next up: THE 23rd ANNUAL CRITICS' CHOICE AWARDS  this Thursday, January 11 at 8/7C on The CW.   Unless she intends to bring the twins, it would seem Maddox's turn is up as her escort.